Superholly’s Subtitled Videos

We’ve been working really hard to add subtitles to more and more of my videos, in order to help people with hearing disabilities, people who want to watch my videos without bothering people around them, and people who are learning Spanish or English. This page is to help you find the subtitled videos that are most useful to you.


videos with subtitles in other languages

Members of our community have contributed subtitles in Portuguese, Norwegian, and Italian! We really appreciate each contribution that has been made!

Thank you so much to each person who has helped add subtitles to my videos!

If you’d like to contribute subtitles, whether in the same language of the video, or translated, and have any questions on how to do it, contact my sister, Heather Whiteley, who administers a facebook group called
Subtítulos para superholly/
subtitles for Superholly