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Learning a new language is easy when you're having fun! / ¡Aprender un nuevo idioma es fácil cuando te estás diviertiendo!

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5 Tips for Raising Bilingual Children

Raising bilingual children rarely happens by accident, but childhood is the best time to teach your children a new language! Here are 5 tips to help you get going in the right direction!


20 Spanish Idioms (Modismos)


When you're learning a new language, no matter how many individual words you understand, a new idiom can really stump you! In this video, I'll list the 20 idioms, and their literal translations before revealing the meaning of each one.  Try pausing the video to see if you can guess what that meaning might be! 

Idioms often vary from country to country, so it's useful to know that all of the idioms I use here are used in Mexico, and many of them are used in other Latin American countries as well. 


10 English words that DOn't exist in SPanish

Not all translations can be literal, or word-for-word, simply because of the different resources that we have at our disposal in each language.  This lesson focuses on 10 words which I find difficult to translate from English to Spanish, along with the best approximations I could find.


*It has been brought to my attention that there is a Spanish cognate, procrastinar which isn't used as often as its English equivalent, but is a good translation for procrastinate. 

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Spanish is awesome! vowel sounds.

There are many reasons why Spanish is awesome, but one of them is that there are only 5 vowel sounds, and the writing system is phonetic! One of the side effects of having fewer sounds is that you can have an entire paragraph with only one vowel! Watch the video to enjoy Holly's cover of "Efectos Vocales" by Nach. 

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how to speak spanish like a native speaker

Do you want to Speak Spanish like a native speaker? 

In this lesson, I'll give you practal advice that will help you avoid the most common errors.  We'll focus on pronunciation, structure and grammar, fluency and vocabulary.  Though there's nothing wrong with speaking with an accent, these tips will help your Spanish sound more natural. 

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A Spanish Lesson That No One Else Will Give You

There are certain topics that people prefer not to talk about directly, these include death, theft, lies, excrement and menstruation.  Sometimes we use euphemisms to sound more polite, or use unpleasant though humorous phrases called dysphemisms to soften the blow of difficult concepts.  This video explores some of the creative phrases used in Spanish to verbally sidestep unpleasant concepts. 


Talking about the present

In Spanish, how to we talk about what's happening around us? 

In this video, we'll learn about simple present and present perfect, when to use each of these tenses, with lots of examples.  We'll also learn about helping verbs and gerunds and how to use them. 

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learn Spanish with viral videos: El Fua

With this series of videos we are going to have a little fun while we learn to talk like ordinary everyday people do. Plus, we're going to gain a little insight into the way humor works in Spanish, which will be elevating our learning experience to the NEXT LEVEL!