DIY Sunglasses organizer

Sunglass organizer Projects that involve wood are intimidating—way more intimidating than they should be. But after creating this gorgeous sunglass storage solution, I realized that once you buckle down and do it, it's actually quite simple.  I find myself inspired to choose a different pair of sunglasses every morning, and, wonder of wonders, I get excited about putting them back in their place at the end of the day! If only I could get that excited putting my clothes away… *sigh*

Here’s how you can make one too:


1 piece of wood measuring 6 feet by 5½ inches by ¾ of an inch 2 pieces of wood measuring 6 feet by 2½ inches by ¾ of an inch 2 types of sandpaper (extra coarse and medium grit) Electric screwdriver & screws Hammer Pencil Hook for hanging Stain (optional) Premium wiping cloths


Lumber at Home Depot

Cut the wider board in half lengthwise so you end up with 2 pieces of wood each measuring 3 feet by 5½ inches by ¾ of an inch. Cut the narrower boards in 5½ inch pieces so you end up with a total of 22 pieces measuring 5½ inches by 2½ inches by ¾ of an inch.

shelves for sunglass organizer

Sand every single piece. Start with the rougher grit and move on to the finer one.

sanded wood for shelves

Space the 11 little blocks evenly across the board. Lay blocks on their sides to measure the exact space between each one.

Building Sunglasses Holder

Flip the board over. Place blocks under the marks and drill a hole straight down. Make two holes for each mini-shelf.

Display sunglasses DIY

Follow up by putting screws in place. Do this for all of the boards.

DIY wooden sunglass storage

Hammer in the hook.

Organizador de gafas

You’re done!!!!

sunglasses organizer by superholly

Click to see the video tutorial! And do share if you end up making one of these yourself!


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