DIY Sunglasses organizer

Sunglass organizer Projects that involve wood are intimidating—way more intimidating than they should be. But after creating this gorgeous sunglass storage solution, I realized that once you buckle down and do it, it's actually quite simple.  I find myself inspired to choose a different pair of sunglasses every morning, and, wonder of wonders, I get excited about putting them back in their place at the end of the day! If only I could get that excited putting my clothes away… *sigh*

Here’s how you can make one too:


1 piece of wood measuring 6 feet by 5½ inches by ¾ of an inch 2 pieces of wood measuring 6 feet by 2½ inches by ¾ of an inch 2 types of sandpaper (extra coarse and medium grit) Electric screwdriver & screws Hammer Pencil Hook for hanging Stain (optional) Premium wiping cloths


Lumber at Home Depot

Cut the wider board in half lengthwise so you end up with 2 pieces of wood each measuring 3 feet by 5½ inches by ¾ of an inch. Cut the narrower boards in 5½ inch pieces so you end up with a total of 22 pieces measuring 5½ inches by 2½ inches by ¾ of an inch.

shelves for sunglass organizer

Sand every single piece. Start with the rougher grit and move on to the finer one.

sanded wood for shelves

Space the 11 little blocks evenly across the board. Lay blocks on their sides to measure the exact space between each one.

Building Sunglasses Holder

Flip the board over. Place blocks under the marks and drill a hole straight down. Make two holes for each mini-shelf.

Display sunglasses DIY

Follow up by putting screws in place. Do this for all of the boards.

DIY wooden sunglass storage

Hammer in the hook.

Organizador de gafas

You’re done!!!!

sunglasses organizer by superholly

Click to see the video tutorial! And do share if you end up making one of these yourself!


Tutorial en español


güerita & morenaza t-shirts

playeras de güerita y morenaza #Throwback to a fun idea turned project turned full-blown-photoshoot. I was sitting on the breathtaking beach of Cancun with my friend Vania savoring a shrimp coctail and thinking about how cute it would be to create some t-shirts with two of the most common Spanish-language nicknames. If you're not a "güerita" ("blondie" or "whitie") you're a "morenaza" ("bronzed beauty" or "darkie"), and if you're somewhere in the middle (or you just don't cayurrr like me) you can pull off both. I ended up making the words out of real magazine cut-outs, I then took a picture of them on white paper, imported them into photoshop, and used those as designs for screen-printing (I had that part done professionally). As you can see, I wanted a pinky, girly theme for the photoshoot that also showcased the variety of looks you can create with the pieces. My friend Nelly served as makeup artist, hair-stylist, and model. It really was loads of fun! I just put a few more shirts up at my ETSY shop if you'd like to own one :D

P.S. After browsing through these pictures I have decided to go back to my natural blonde color ASAP. SO much easier to maintain! (OK the copious amounts of breakage I've been experiencing lately may also be a factor!)


Hagamos un pequeño #flashback a una idea que se convirtió en proyecto que se convirtió en sesión de fotos. Todo empezó en Cancun; estaba al lado del mar saboreándome un coctel de camarones con mi amiga Vania, y se nos ocurrió que sería lindo hacer camisetas con dos de los apodos más conocidos del idioma español. Si no eres una "güerita", eres una "morenaza". O si estás en algún punto intermedio (o si de plano estás loca, como yo), puedes portar ambos apodos. Hice las palabras con recortes reales de revista, de ahí las fotografié sobre un papel blanco para importar al Photoshop, y utilicé estas imágenes como diseños para hacer cerigrafía (esta parte se la dejé a un profesional). Como puedes ver, quise irme con un tema muy cuki donde el color rosa fuera muy prominente, y mi amiga Nelly la hizo de maquillista, estilista, y modelo. ¡Cómo nos divertimos! Acabo de subir unas playeras a mi tienda de ETSY, por si te gustaría tener una ;)

P.D. Después de ver estas fotos he decidido que ya es tiempo de regresar a mi color de cabello natural lo más pronto posible. ¡Mil veces más fácil de mantener! (Bueno, quizá la cantidad espantosa de cabellos quebrados que he tenido últimamente tenga algo que ver)

Superholly Nelly güerita morenazaSuperHolly Nelly morenaza güeritaHolly Tuggy Nelly Azarcoya güerita morenazaSuperHolly morenazaHolly and Nelly güerita morenazaHolly and Nelly guerita morenaza t-shirtsHolly and Nelly güerita morenaza t-shirtsSuperHolly y Nelly guerita y morenazaHolly and Nelly güerita morenazaHolly Nelly güerita morenazaNelly Azarcoya and Holly Tuggy modeling güerita and morenaza shirtsHolly and Nelly modeling tshirtsHolly and Nelly güerita morenazacandy shop universal citymodeling at a candy shopmodeling with candyNelly Azarcoya modelHolly Tuggy güerita

photos by: Ovier Alvarez

The Beatles of Houston

Houston Beatles Statues What to do on a sweltering Saturday in soon-to-be-September? Head out on a mini-excursion to feast our eyes on elongated editions of The Beatles, of course! It’s crazy that these 36-foot-dudes have been practically living in our backyard this whole time and we’d never heard about them before! John, Paul, Ringo and George can be found in a semi-abandoned lot near the former studio of the great artist and sculptor David Adickes, along with an ever-changing collection of president heads and busts he’s created throughout the years. Yes, it’s technically private property—but visitors are welcome to mosey and meander between Lincoln, Roosevelt, Clinton and (a rather small-headed) Obama. Ah, art. Bold, bizarre, beautiful art. Our day continued with seafood and drinks at local tremendously trendy hidden gem Julep (‘hidden’ as in hidden from us, not from the rest of Houston, apparently!) where I learned that oysters can in fact be tolerable, and was gently reminded that, indeed, I still haven’t developed an affinity for bourbon.


¿Qué se puede hacer en un sábado soleado a semanas de septiembre? Salir de mini-excursión para conocer a los Beatles de concreto, ¡por supuesto! Lo más loco es que estas estatuas de 11 metros han estado viviendo prácticamente en mi jardín todo este tiempo, ¡y yo ni en cuenta! Puedes encontrar a John, Paul, Ringo y George en un lote semi-abandonado cerca de lo que solía ser el estudio del escultor y artista David Adickes. Conviviendo con ellos están docenas de cabezas y bustos de presidentes que ha creado a lo largo de los años y están en constante rotación. A pesar de que que es propiedad privada, puedes sentirte con la libertad de divagar y deambular entre Lincoln, Roosevelt, Clinton y Obama (Un Obama singularmente no cabezón). Los Beatles entre cabezas de presidentes, ¿Quién lo iba a pensar? Y es que así es el arte. Atrevido, absurdo, y hermoso. Nuestras aventuras continuaron en Julep, un bar escondido pero muy al día donde consumimos cantidades razonables de mariscos y cocteles. Allí aprendí que los ostiones pueden llegar a ser tolerables, y recordé que sigo sin desarrollar una afinidad por el whisky americano.

Carseat in front of Beatles

Monkeying Around


Hanging on the tractor

How many ex-US-presidents do you recognize? / ¿Cuántos expresidentes de EU reconoces?

Beatles Statues Houston

Obama Bust

As you can see, it really is a free-for-all / Como puedes ver, hay libertad de hacer lo que se te antoje

The Beatles statues in Houston

Walk up a nearby flight of stairs and suddenly the view changes! / Sube unas cuantas escaleras cercanas y el panorama cambia

The classic Mint Julep at Julep / El clásico Mint Julep en Julep

rings:madewell / anillos:madewell

Wrought iron tabletop

Julep with friends

Oysters at Julep

Sealed with a kiss! / Sellado con un beso

Estatuas de Los Beatles en Houston

holly wears - top:madewell, shorts:american apparel,  boots:steve madden, hat:goorin bros, sunnies:madewell


Photos by: Benjamin Vargas, Holly Tuggy and Sylvia Maldonado