Growing up

Image Growing up: it’s a funny thing that happens to us all. We can deny it, we can fight it, we can try to hide it, but we can’t stop it. And sometimes I wonder why we struggle so much with it. I personally prefer to embrace it. I wouldn’t go back, not for a second! Today I am stronger, wiser, and fiercer than yesterday (I added the ‘fierce’ part solely to avoid sounding like a Britney Spears song).

As far as style goes, we all go through phases and we all evolve. I don’t believe that there are set ‘rules’ for what you can and cannot wear based on your age (look at Betsey Johnson!), but I do recognize that some things have worked better for me at different times in my life, and others work better now. Plus, my tastes change.

So while I most certainly don’t rule out stores like Urban Outfitters, I also don’t find any pieces sucking me in and begging me to buy them like they used to. Lately I am consistently drawn to Club Monaco and BCBG. Oh, who am I kidding with ‘lately’, it’s been about 7 years of this madness. Today I decided to play up the part of the “mature business woman”. Because when I wear this outfit you KNOW I mean business!




top:club monaco, belt:american apparel, skirt:club monaco, tights:american apparel, shoes:BCBG, bracelet:tiffany & co,

photos by Benjamin Vargas

Hue's it gonna be?

DSC_2813 1 Lately I’ve been loving a monochromatic clothing color palette with little splashes of color here and there (my hair being one of the main contributors in the ‘splash of color’ department). It makes the whole morning matching game so much easier.

Once you’ve chosen a garment, you then have a very limited range of possible accompanying garments, and as you can imagine, it gives my getting-ready-time a substantial slice.

Note to self: Reorganize the closet so it is easier to navigate with one eye open (yeah, I’m NOT a morning person).

That, or start choosing my outfits at night, a la night-before-the-first-day-of-fifth-grade.


Ando fascinada con la onda de vestirme de un solo color, con pequeños detallitos que le dan vida y color a mi look (sobre todo ahorita con mi cabello, un “detallito” que me acompaña todos los días y definitivamente contribuye en el departamento del color).

Es increíble cómo facilita el juego de combinar prendas cada mañana. Una vez que hayas elegido una (ya sean pantalones, shorts, una falda, o un top), tienes un rango muy limitado de posibles acompañantes, y esto equivale a tiempo ahorrado (y una vida más productiva).

Nota a mi misma: Reorganiza el clóset para que sea mas fácil de navegar con un ojo cerrado (las mañanas y yo no nos llevamos muy bien).

Eso, o empezar a elegir mi outfit antes de dormir, tipo ‘noche antes del primer dia de clases’.

DSC_2805 1


DSC_2821 1


(shorts:brandy melville, top:club monaco, shoes:sam edelman, purse:rebecca minkoff,

sunnies:vince camuto cuff:banana republic)

Pictures by Benjamin Vargas

The perfect summer day

Image A few of my favorite things –

Summer days, the beach, cheap funky sunglasses, nude lipstick, covering up messy hair with a beanie and the guy behind the camera. We spent the day driving around in the convertible and flying our new dual line kite like 12-year-olds the day after Christmas.

Let’s keep enjoying summer while summer is still with us!


Algunas de mis cosas favoritas son:

El verano, la playa, los lentes de sol que son tanto llamativos como baratos, el labial color carne, los beanies para cubrirme las greñas, y el hombre detrás de la cámara...

Aprovechamos el sol al máximo desde temprano en el convertible, cantando y escuchando música a todo volúmen. Y al llegar a la playa volamos nuestro nuevo papalote de doble línea con la misma emoción de dos niños estrenando sus juguetes de navidad.

¡Sigamos exprimiéndole el jugo al verano mientras se pueda!






(sunglasses:popkiller, sweater:forever 21, shorts:H&M, beanie:hot topic)